ST-ADDONS....Who are we?

T-ADDONS has as its mission to assist SAP users with solutions to utilize their existing SAP™ investments more efficiently and more clever.
Hereto we use SAP certified software products that have been implemented worldwide with thousands of customers to their complete satisfaction.

T-ADDONS B.V. was founded in 2003 by Etienne Stouten, since 1983 one of the first in The Netherlands to have been actively involved with SAP, amongst others as one of the co-founders of SAP Nederland. He has ample experience with several SAP developments and applications and has an excellent knowledge of the Dutch SAP market.

ST-ADDONS may contribute in the identification of solutions with the help of software related to SAP maintenance, the archiving of SAP data, the shutdown/consolidation/splitting of SAP systems and many other applications.
Many of our products are SAP administrator and user oriented … to make their lives easier, to reduce the costs, and to optimize the maintenance or use of SAP.