SAP system healthe check

In order to be able to keep guaranteeing the performance of your business processes your SAP systems simply have to perform optimally. The monitoring of your SAP environments is labor-intensive, expensive and often re-active. The goal of a SAP system health check is to, independent of the chosen system and system management  (intern, out tasking, outsourcing),  to indentify weakness and risks and to provide optimization variants. In our experience we have often the conclusion that even after a long period with good working systems , difficult to indentify dangers can de sensed. Our offer: For a agreed period of time our  professionals will check the de operation of your system and will control the whole SAP environment intensively.

The result of the SAP system audit is a explanation of the detail information and the importance of this information. We analyze the problem areas and see their causes, offer solution propose and present the how to optimize.  We will show you how to optimize and perfect your system and how to decrease your business cost. Some examples:

-    substantial simplifications for routine labor by  automation;
-    pro-active early observation of trends and bottlenecks;
-    Increase of system management quality; 
-    Valuable recourses will be free for important tasks.

We guaranty that the information collected, technical system data, during the audit will be removed in your presence and there will be no system changes made. Only the system information will be selected for the audit and no business process data. This health check will be done eith the SAP certified product Xandria. With this tool all SAP environments will be checked 24x7 for the period of 1 month. Please contact us if there in more information needed